For Specific Booking Times:

  1. Although we do out best to arrive on time. We may arrive within 90 minutes (Before or after) your appointment time.
  2. A $35 Missed Appointment Fee may be charged for all customers who are not home within this window of time.

For Unattended Window Cleanings


By checking the box below you agree to:

  • Remove screens from windows prior to our arrival
    NOTE: Screen covered windows will not be cleaned & will not be eligible for our standard “next business day” streak free guarantee.
  • Ensure that at leat one (1) outside water tap is turned on and accessible
  • Place the Payment form in my mailbox by Monday Morning before 9am the week of my appointment.
  • Place full payment (Either cheque or credit card number) of my booking in my mailbox.
  • Pay a $35 missed appointment fee if I fail to do the above tasks.

You also agree that you have read the statement below:

  • Groupons include an unattended appointment type.
  • You DO NOT need to be home for an unattended appointment
  • Date & time appointments can be booked for an additional fee.
  • Groupons booked as full price appointments will not be honored if presented on day of appointment.
  • Appointments are not confirmed until you recieve a confirmation email with a booking number.