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You can book your $85+tax for Gutter Cleaning on up to a 2.5 story home below:

  • 2015 Kijiji Special Gutter Cleaning Rates | 1 Storey $85+tax | 1.5 Storey $85+tax | 2 Storey $85+tax | 2.5 Storey $85+tax | 3 Storey $219.99 | 3.5 Storey $249.99

    Service Description

    We use our state of the art Gutter Blower system to clean your gutters with our feet firmly planted on the ground. This system can reach up to 3.5 stories and takes a fraction of the time to complete than a traditional ladder cleaning. PLEASE NOTE: Gutter systems that have a gutter guard system installed are simply blown off. If you require us to remove your guards & clean under them we bill by the foot at $3.75/ft which includes the removal and re-installation (If possible) of your guards (1st story homes only).

  • [stb id="download"]PLEASE NOTE: We Highly recommend a house wash in conjunction with your gutter cleaning if your home has standing water or several small plants visible in the gutters.
    (We do give a quick rinse of siding as part of our standard cleaning, but for the cleanest house possible a house wash is recommended.)[/stb]
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  • Please include a detailed as possible description of the services your require such as:
    - Number of window panes (Window Pane Counting Guide)
    - Size of home (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 or 3.5 Storey)
    - Size of driveway for cleaning (2-16 cars)
  • [stb style="download"] Please ensure that, any gates to the property are left unlocked and that there is an exterior water tap turned on and accessable.
    Otherwise we may have to charge for a 2nd visit (And we really don't want to do that!)[/stb]
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    We understand. A one time Interac E-Transfer of $96.05 can be sent instead of a credit card deposit. Please send the deposit to: info@niagarawindowwashing.com and email the same address with the password.
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