Terms Of Service 1. Work Authorization By submitting this form & deposit you are authorizing the work outlined to be performed on your property by National Window Washing. a. Completing payment is considered a digital version of your physical signature. 2. Payment Authorization You agree that in the event that you are not able to [...]

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For Specific Booking Times: Although we do out best to arrive on time. We may arrive within 90 minutes (Before or after) your appointment time. A $35 Missed Appointment Fee may be charged for all customers who are not home within this window of time. For Unattended Window Cleanings   By checking the box below [...]

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The National Window Cleaning Directory connects local window cleaners with new clients, provides window cleaning business marketing tips and networking opportunities. Membership is free! [jazzy form="window_washingquote"] [WPCR_INSERT] [stextbox id="info" caption="Payment Methods Accepted"] [/stextbox]

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